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Approx current mo revenue

1. Your current Residential Accounts


Residential Internet Accounts


0 100,000

Average monthly revenue per account


$15 $100

2. Your current Business Accounts


Business Internet Accounts


0 1,000

Average monthly revenue per account


$50 $5,000

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$21,345 per month*

That's a $25,453,532 increase revenue per year!










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Your electric co-op offering.
Add Unified Communication Offerings to your customers & grow profits.
Grow your business by increasing revenue.
You supply Internet and power to your customers.
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Enhance your customer experience by offering an all-in-one digital solution.
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Control your profits by offering an advanced digital experience: One platform, one billing method. Be in control of increasing your bottom line through GigTel’s advanced communication platform.
See how much additional revenue you can add with Add-On Services
A rich heritage that continues into the digital age.
Through our 70-year legacy, GigTel offers the most advanced communication solution to fulfill clients’ needs and expectations while providing excellent end-to-end customer support.